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Форум » Игры » Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory » Результаты Wolf Gather кубка +Ху йз Ху в Дигнитас (интервью)
Результаты Wolf Gather кубка +Ху йз Ху в Дигнитас (интервью)
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Team Dignitas has recently picked up a Wolfenstein squad, welcoming back three old members and two new players. Wolfenstein is a complete new game and we can imagine a lot of people wanting to know some more about the competitive side of the game before buying it. That is why we decided to interview our Wolfenstein players to take a deeper look into the current Wolf scene and give you a better view of what the future might bring us. Enjoy reading!

First of all, welcome everyone to the Dignitas family, you five are forming the Team Dignitas Wolfenstein squad! First of all, we have some familiar faces here: Björn ‘bjorn’ Rombaut, Jaka ‘JaKaZc’ Kejzar and Hendrik ‘bulldozer’ Kinks (formerly known as RELOAd). You guys were unstoppable in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and won QuakeCon 2007. What have you been up to ever since you stopped playing ET:QW for Dignitas?

bjorn: I played some ET:QW for other teams and made a small Battlefield 2 comeback for Team Dignitas.

bulldozer: I was playing Quake Wars and Enemy Territory for mamut.

JaKaZc: We joined Team Mamut.si and continued playing ET:QW for a while, we also won QuakeCon 2008 there and some other cups. In the meantime I played ET together with Reload.


So now Wolfenstein is your next challenge, do you think you can repeat the success you had in ET:QW?

bjorn: We will definitely try, but I think it will be a lot harder.

bulldozer: Yeah, we would sure like to think so at least ... the game is basically the same, it's just without vehicles.

JaKaZc: I think we could do the same as we did in ET:QW. The game is not much different but we will see, I hope for the best and hopefully the game will be active :).


Okay, now over to the remaining two players, Ivo ‘darkman’ Vidergar and Sebastian ‘drago’ Ohrmann. Welcome to the team, can you please introduce yourselves and tell us where you come from gaming-wise?

darkman: It started in 1998 or something with Quake 2, I joined the clan HD. We did well and actually were one of the top teams in Europe in those days. With the start of Quake 3 me and one other member, m1so, joined the clan Tulls where we managed to be top 5 for quite some years. After that, there was a five years business pause :).

drago: Hello! My name is Sebastian Ohrmann, online rather known as drago. I am a former Enemy Territory player and have played for teams like Mamut.si and H2k. Furthermore I was honoured to play for the German national team several times. My passion for online gaming was sparked in 2001 with 'Star Trek Voyager Elite Force', which basically is a Star Trek themed Quake3 game. Naturally I wanted to stay with the all so popular Quake3 engine, so I switched to Enemy Territory in 2003. I also had a short venture into ET:QW where I played the closed and open beta with team SPEED-LINK.


And how do you two see Wolfenstein compared to ET and ET:QW respectively?

darkman: Well, no need to compare it to Quake’s ... ET:QW, well it is the same engine but the game for me is a mix between ET and ETQW. It is a nice game and people shouldn't judge it too soon.

drago: Seemingly it is supposed to be the same and luckily there are a lot of aspects that I know from Enemy Territory, such as the stopwatch mode and the class system. Taking a closer look you will notice that the game is a lot different and actually is more similar to ET:QW, which is not surprising, considering the game engine is based on the latest ET:QW one. Personally I had little problems adapting but I can understand former Enemy Territory players being upset about certain changes.


In Quake Wars we saw a lot of activity at the start followed by a fast decrease in interest. In Wolfenstein we see a slow start but an increasing amount of players every day, where do you think this will lead?

bulldozer: Yes ... it depends on the Enemy Territory community and if they will give WolfPro a try ... hopefully this leads to a few good LANs (i38,CC7).

darkman: Hmm I think that gamers read other people's comments too much and they don't even try the game. I just hope they will not stick with ET for like 20 years from now :). That is all I can say on this subject.

drago: For the competitive part this depends on how fast the SDK gets released so our beloved WolfPro developers can get to work. As for public play, I think one final big patch from ID that gets rid of the last few bugs and increases performance a bit would give this game a huge playerbase.

JaKaZc: Hard to say what will happen but for me the game is a lot better than ETQW was in the start so I believe that with the promod coming more people will start playing it.


We have heard about the competetive mod WolfPro being in beta mode currently. How important do you think it will be for the success of Wolfenstein as a competetive game? (& talk about wolfpro/vWOLF differences)

bjorn: Very important, many people have shown more interest in Wolfenstein thanks to WolfPro. Even after two weeks and no SDK the changes like better movement, more FPS and improved HUD are very nice.

bulldozer: Very important ... if Quake Wars had the promod instantly, it would have been so much more popular, it completely changes the game. The FPS fixes, gameplay & weapon changes are all important.

drago: Not many games have such great support from a gifted crew of mod developers this early, so I expect them to have a pretty big impact on the competitive part of this game. As soon as the SDK is released, they will be able to improve this game by a dozen. The current open beta is already a big help for the competition players, as it improves the gameplay greatly. There are a lot of bug fixes, fps are increased due to disabled effects like fog, the spawntimes are fixed and from what it seems, they are working on a new version to disable upgrades.

JaKaZc: Well, WolfPro could save the game at the moment, there are some great changes already and some more are coming. The vanilla game is not made for competetive gaming. It's even hard to play on publics when u have 10 guys playing with Mp43 :).


What other changes would you like to see in WolfPro?

bjorn: Background noises removed, crouch hitbox fix and this is not WolfPro related but custom maps would be nice aswell.

drago: Personally I would like disabled upgrades, the activation of some r_skip* commands (which enhance the performance miraculously) and a rework of the sprint feature. If veil is supposed to stay, I’d like to see brightskins aswell.

JaKaZc: I like it as it is at the moment , spawns should be fixed a bit and that's it pretty much, I don't need an ET 2 game.


Which rules should tournament organisers enforce for Wolfenstein cups to be enjoyable?

bjorn: 1 MP43 max, 1 panzer/flamer max, 1 rifle max

bulldozer: 1 MP43 Soldier, no flamer, WolfPro! smile

darkman: Let the organizers decide that. I hope they will check the game first before making decisions on this subject.

drago: No upgrades, no MP43, no veil and no veil powers. Spawntimes should be something around 10-15 for the Resistance and 20-25 for the Axis.


What class will take the main role in Wolfenstein? We saw the soldier being very strong but recent discussions show that these will most likely be limited because of the overpowered MP43 weapon.

bulldozer: Medic since only 1 soldier will be allowed, also the MP40 might be made stronger.

darkman: Soldier –> MP43 for sure if allowed. If not probably engineer in attack and medic defence.

drago: As it has always been in objective based games, the engineer! Cannot do anything without this guy. For maps like Manor that only have document runs, I’d say the soldier (nerfed or not).

JaKaZc: Well, of course the MP43 is main weapon in Wolf, there must be some limit on it but I don't think the weapon should be changed.


How do you guys train for Wolfenstein? Are there any tactical elements you attach great importance to? How often do you play a week?

bjorn: At the moment we don't have any special stuff or tactics, just some basic positions and we try to adapt to our opponents. We try to play around 3-4 days per week.

bulldozer: At the moment we are playing at least 3-4 days a week until the game picks up, our game is not built on any tactics ... we have played together for such a long time that every move we make might 'look' co-ordinated but actually is totally random. smile

drago: We try to play as often as possible, but I cannot give an exact amount right now. Usually one of us gets the games beforehand, so we have opponents ready at a certain time. In practice games we have certain strategies that we test out or enhance. As it is still very early in the game, there are still dozens of different things to try. Our tactical approach is simple but very effective, but I cannot possibly lay open this secret yet.

JaKaZc: We don't really have any special tactical elements :). We are playing when we have time and that is 3-4 days a week or not even that. There is no "good" clans so it's kinda hard to pracc when you have 2-3 clans to pracc against :(.

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а йа знал что они выйграют...ога xD

Жысть жыстокая штука...xD
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